How to remove pimple on face fast

How to remove pimple on face fast

How to remove pimple on face fast depends on how much pimples you have on your face.Pimple is a common skin disorder that lives in the sebaceous glands of the face, back, and neck. Pimples are zits, blackheads, and cysts. It is often common among youth.

Knowing how to remove pimple on face fast, is to first understand it

When you understand the type of pimple you have,this will enable you clear it from the root.The three categories of pimples are:


These are inflamed red painful  bumps that  has no head.

how to remove pimple on face fast


Pustules  pimples are like  white head  that has a yellow or white center, pustules are always inflamed.


Nodules are hardened bumps beneath the skins surface and with nodules, scarring is quite common it is advised not to squeeze this type of pimples as they are hard and difficult and so very painful.


how to remove pimple on face Cysts are hard and have pus inside,these type of pimples are in the advance stage, it should be treated with care and without squeezing as the bacterias  could be pushed deeper into the skin.
Causes of pimples.

Most pimples are caused by the clogging of the skin pores. The accumulation of  oil in the sebaceous glands (whose duty is to expel oil from the skin), could cause pimples if it does not function  well thereby clogging up the skin pores.

Other causes of pimples are nutritional imbalances, allergens, emotional stress, liver abnormalities, heredity, excess oily skin, certain medications, and hormones.

Another contributing factor to acne or pimples is an over abundance of toxins and poisons in the body. The body uses the liver and kidneys to rid itself of these dangerous substances. If the body contains more impurities than those organs can effectively manage, the skin takes over by sweating out the substances.

Make-ups or cosmetics products can also trigger pimples as they contain oil. Make-up application all over the face could clog the pores causing blackheads and secreting pus.

Contrary to the myths flying around it is easy to get an acne or pimples free face today,get back your beautiful skin and say no to pimples forever.

Methods for how to remove pimple on face fast are:

  • Boil 2 to 3 bags of chamomile tea in 2 cups of water add the lemon juice allow to boil then divide into two parts. Take the first part and bend your head over the steam, cover  with a thick towel for 10 minutes. When you are done clean your face with a clean towel and mix up the other part with almond powder and another 2 tbs of lemon juice, apply all over the face and leave overnight or some hours, according to how severe the pimples breakout  is. This is a strategic proven method for how to remove pimple on face fast
  • For advance cases of pimples, take a ball of pad, soak it in hydrogen peroxide and dab it over your face ,leave for 10minutes , wash and dry your face with clean towel. Next  Mix lemon juice with honey, 2 tbs vodka,1 tbs almond powder add a  pinch of sodium chloride(unrefined,natural salt) and apply it overnight   take care not to stain your bed sheet. In the morning wash it out with lukewarm water. Repeat for a week.

Another effective method for how to remove pimple on face fast is to cleanse and rid the inside of your body of toxins.If the outside is cleaned without getting rid of all traces and  causes of pimples from the inside, it will continue to resurface.

So to have a total pimples free face you must completely wipe out all deposits and traces of toxins caused by pimples from the body.

Removing pimple or acne scar

If your pimple has reached the advance stage of becoming a scar, then you need more powerful home remedy to completely clear your face of pimple. Get the below ingredients.

Rosewater helps in keeping and enhancing your skin’s pH balance. Apart from its ability to fight eczema,acne,and dermatitis. Rose water heals wounds, cuts and lighten the skin of blemishes and acne scars. It also keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, to keep it smooth and succulent.
how to remove pimple on face fast
Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar is very high in PH property, no wonder it is used in many home remedies for skin related problems like acne, pimple, sunburn, eczema and so on. Apple cider vinegar is best used as a skin toner. It is very effective in toning up dark sports and acne marks therefore giving the face a smooth and brighten look. Apple cider vinegar is very effective if it’s 100% raw and unfiltered without any additive.

Mix five tablespoon of rose water with ten table spoon of apple cider vinegar, dip in a face cotton and and dab on your face. Leave for 30 minutes and then rinse. Do this twice a day, in the morning and night. repeat for a week. You should start seeing your acne clear up on the 3 day.

Pimple is known to reoccur,if not properly treated from the inside especially for people with oily skin. After completely clearing your pimple, use the below method to make sure your pimple never resurface again. Make sure you include it in your diet at least once a week.

Use dandelion or red clover daily to clear the liver of toxins.

Get pure lemon juice and grapefruit with carrots, blend all together, add a glass cup of pure almond milk (zinc is an important factor if you must get rid of acne or pimples).

Get pure natural organic products , free from pesticides, and others for maximum working effect. Mix all together and put in the refrigerator, take it every morning .This drink will detoxify the blood and rid it of harmful substance that may be clogging your skin pores thereby causing pimples.

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